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latest news for club secretaries

From the first of January 2021 the South East Combine (SETC) will pay for regulations for SETC rounds only in The Sporting Motorcylclist (TSM). Please note that this affects young your club.

For some years, the SETC paid for all regulations and adverts for events in TSM, whether it was a club trail NKTC/EKTC/TVTC/Star group, or trials under an open permit at a cost of ten pound per reg or advert.

When the SETC was paying for these regs/adverts, the South East Centre was collecting levies for each club running an event. Which meant paying TSM was not a problem.

However, since permits have been issued by ACU at Rugby. collecting levies proved to be impossible. Hence the need to collect an annual subscription from clubs.The subs for 2020 was twenty five pound. But for 2021 the subs are to be put up to thirty pound to cover all costs including the new SETC website.

It is necessary to make these changes to keep the SETC financially afloat and I hope I have your understanding.

Chris (Badders) Baddeley

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