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Welcome to our new website

Our aim is to promote trials in our area of the south east.  We run championship rounds for modern, twin shocks and pre-67 bikes with unlimited number of classes. Over the last few years the championship has lost its way with this and that, so over the next twelve months with your help we will get it back on track for 2022. To do this I have put a new team together for this challenge.

Chairman: Sten (Feet Up) Pringle

Treasurer: Neil (No Cheques) Wiliamson

Web Master: Max (TK) Mulley

Recorder and aggregate: Peter (Hippy) Burrell

Secretary: Chris (Badders) Baddeley

The country has gone into Covid tier 4 lock down so there may not be much riding at all this year!  But the calendar on this website is the best we can hope for. So fingers crossed we can all get out some time soon.

There for there may not be much on this site for a while but we will be working behind the scenes during 2021.